About us

Grammarix began life after a discussion about how complicated the rules of the English language can be.

We started talking about the support available for anyone who struggled with this and the first thing we noticed is that there is no tool out there that correctly checks all grammar, punctuation, spelling and word choice efficiently. And there are certainly no tools that check context correctly as well as spelling.

We decided we just had to create one. And thus began our journey into the often puzzling eccentricities of this wonderful language.

As a group of people who obsess over correctly written English, it was a natural direction for us to take, and we are proud to present Grammarix.

A tool that can revolutionise the way you write and give your words the power to make a real impact on your readers.

Once the tool was built, we just knew we had to roll it out to the mass market, which meant that we wouldn’t be attaching a premium price tag to the software. In fact, we decided that access to good grammar shouldn’t have a price at all. We decided to bring you the power of words completely free of charge.

Welcome to Grammarix!

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