How Long Will It Take to Analyse My Writing?

Our software is designed to act quickly so there is as little waiting time as possible. The site operates in real time and your writing should be analysed and your results delivered within one minute.

Will Using This Site Leave a Record and Cause My Paper to Appear Plagiarised if Checked?

No. Your writing won’t be saved anywhere and because we use our own internal plagiarism checking software, your paper isn’t scanned through the kind of software that leaves a tracer.

Do I Have to Download Anything to Use the Service?

No. Everything takes place on the site. You simply copy and paste your writing onto the site and the results are shown to you on your browser.

Will The Service Always Remain Free?

Yes. We have no plans to remove our free services, although we do have to make a living, so you might notice some ads on our site. These are there so we can make money without having to charge our users.

Is There a Limit to How Many Words I Can Have Checked?

You can check six pages (approximately 1800 words) at any one time. If your writing is longer than that, you can of course choose to enter it in multiple checks.

What Happens If I’m Sure a Word is Correct but The Site Disagrees?

You are under no obligation to make the suggested changes and if you want to ignore any of our suggestions, then you are free to do so. If you want to be extra sure you are indeed alright to run with your first choice, feel free to email us your original sentence our suggestion so we can clarify the result for you.

Will My Work Be Indexed on Search Engines When Your Site is Crawled?

No. All uploaded work is automatically tagged with a no index tag so search engine crawler bots will ignore it. This means your work will never show up on any search engines as a result of using our site.