Terms and conditions

These Terms of Use have been written so that visitors and users of any of our sites understand their rights and responsibilities when they choose to access our site and any other sites that link to these Terms of Use. Once a site linked to these Terms is accessed, the visitor or user is automatically bound by all of these Terms, as well as all other policies that are posted.

Users may enter into agreements with us for services that we offer. Those agreements are in addition to these Terms of Use which continue to remain on place and to which every user is bound.

Use of Materials

Users are granted permission to temporarily download one copy of materials found on our website, but only for personal and non-commercial viewing. User agrees that he has no title to any materials which is downloaded from our website.

Further, user agrees to refrain from any of the following activities without written permission from us:

  • Make copies of modify material in any way

  • Use materials for any commercial purpose

  • Remove any copyrights or proprietary information from downloaded materials

  • Access our site through any automated system with the purpose of extracting any information or data from our website

  • Deep-link to our site for any purpose

  • Use any software or device that will interfere with our website operation or that puts excessive load on our network

  • Use any material or element of our website for purposes that are illegal, objectionable, inappropriate or harmful to our organization or to others.

  • Use our website for the collection or storage of others’ personal information

  • Use our website for any commercial purpose

Any violation of these above uses will result in immediate termination your right to access and use our website. If your access is terminated, you agree to destroy any content you have downloaded from our website.

User Accounts

For some of the services offered, you may be required to establish a personal account, with username and password. You agree to provide correct and honest information and to update your account should any of that information change.

If you are assigned an account by an employer or institution, there may be additional terms of use assigned by them. These are in addition to these Terms of Use, to which you remain bound.

We allow only one account per user. Should you attempt to set up multiple accounts, we reserve the right to terminate all accounts and prohibit your further use of our website or affiliates.

Users are cautioned not to share their passwords. Should a user believe that his/her account has been compromised, it is the user’s responsibility to notify the site administrator, so that appropriate steps may be taken to replace and secure it.


Sales of any of our services to a user are considered final, once the services have been used. Should a user request a refund for any reason, we will not guarantee that such a refund request will be honored. We will investigate each refund request on an individual basis, and our decision is final.

Should we agree to a refund, it will be dispensed as we determine. We do not guarantee any specific time frame for refund delivery, because other financial institutions and processors have their own policies over which we have no control.

Amendments and Termination

We may make changes to our site and to these Terms of Use and any other policies as we deem appropriate. Such changes will be published on our website and they are binding upon such publication.

We also may terminate any services or other website features at any time.

We may determine to charge or to increase the charge for any of our services or features. User is free to discontinue use of our site if s/he does not like our pricing.

User Content

There may opportunities for users to post content of any form on our websites. In so doing, user agrees that:

  • S/he has the rights to this content.

  • We may use this content as we find suitable – we may reproduce, copy, share, or otherwise transmit it, even to detect plagiarism, to settle fraud disputes, and to verify your identity as requested by financial institutions or legal authorities.

  • Should a user close his/her account or discontinue use of our services or features, any content that s/he has posted do remain with us and we have the continued right to use it.

  • Should a user send any communications to us, s/he understands that these are not confidential, and we may use these communications as we deem appropriate.

Use of Our Sites

Users agree not to use our sites in any way that would violate any laws or right of others, or in any way that would interfere with the operations of the sites. Should we become aware of any of these violations, as well as any violations of these Terms of Use, we have the right to terminate such users’ accounts and prohibit any further use of our sites.

All communications from users are digital in nature. Likewise, we communicate with users through electronic means. User agrees that any communications from us do fulfill the legal requirement for any communication to be in writing. We may communicate with users personally or by posting notices and disclosures on our website. In all of these instances, users are bound by such communications and notices. Further, when a user establishes an account, s/he provides name, email and postal addresses, and phone number. User agrees that we may use any of these means to communicate.

Social Media Platforms and Third-Party Sites

Should any user access any social media site or any third-party site from our website, user understands that these Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy are no longer in effect. It is the responsibility of the user to become aware of Terms and Privacy policies of any of these third-party platforms.

User further agrees that we bear no liability for any consequences to a user as a result of accessing any third-part of social media platform from our website.


While we make every effort to provide quality and enjoyable experiences for users when they access our sites and use any of our services, user understands and agrees to the following:

  • Our company and any of its agents or affiliates make no promises relative to content, functions, or reliability of our sites.

  • We do not guarantee that we will meet your needs for services

  • We offer no warranties, to the extent permitted by legal jurisdictions

Our Liability

We do not guarantee or warranty our services in meeting needs of users. Further, there may be errors on our sites, and we bear no liability for those. User understands we bear no liability for any damages as a result of use of our sites or any third-party sites accessed from our sites.

User understands that we may change any materials or content at any time; however, we are under no responsibility to make changes or provide updates.


These Terms of Use are in accordance with the laws of the location of our company’s corporate headquarters. Should any user choose to take legal action against us for any reason, such action must occur within our jurisdiction, and user agrees to this.

Should any of these Terms of Use be deemed unenforceable, all other terms remain in force.

Entire Agreement

This, and all other policies published on our website, constitute the entire agreement between a user and our company.